Will technology minded businesses and investors make long bets in India?

Is the fantasy and unuproachability of a breakthrough in some technology to solve a major problem a good enough reason for businesses and investors make long bets in India ?

“the world’s hardest problem.”: The promise of fusion energy seems fantastic and unapproachable: It is the power behind the sun and the stars. Such initiatives, though, have made slow progress toward the ultimate goal of building a machine that generates more power than it takes in. Fusion proponents also say that it is free of most of the risks of contemporary nuclear plants — which are powered by splitting, not joining, atoms — and that it has advantages over wind and solar, whose output is variable and whose turbines and panels require enormous space. They do not anticipate generating revenue for at least five years, requiring extreme patience from its investors. Revenue is expected from licensing deals and sales of spinoffs. Skeptics contend that fusion may always remain beyond reach. Believers see an opportunity to buy in early and cheap.