Power Utilities: Audit Efficiency both with respect to People and Processes, then consolidate

For a second just leave aside the issue of “electricity being a concurrent subject” and try to evaluate the possibilities of the pros and cons by auditing various aspects related to efficiencies on parameters like finance, processes, procurement, promotions, service delivery etc. etc. of state DISCOMS & GENCOS. Now after the audit consider consolidating these into only two entities at the national level like PGCIL & BSNL etc. but with better efficiency and productivity with respect to processes and people.

There are many inefficiencies even at the smallest levels: For example a tender is floated and most of the times there are multiple rectifications for the work that has been procured for years. Vacancies are floated tests are held results are undeclared. blacklisted firms are given contracts, free electricity to employees both present and past etc. etc.

Making a case against the alleged discreet privatization of power utilities and channels, the All India Power Engineers Federation. AIPEF chairman Shailendra Dubey also criticized the alleged arm-twisting tactics of Union Minister of State for Power, R K Singh.