Does the US (and its citizens) truly believe in fight against terror and can it act as a global leader?

Recently US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, old reporters that “Oil is owned by private people, so the government cannot force people to make concessionary price,”. The statement raises some questions with respect the actions taken by the US, its stated intentions for the same and the disconnect. Moreover, its inability to execute strategies covertly.

  1. Should the world consider the US government to be different from its constituents that is: the “Private People who own oil”
  2. Should the world consider that the actions (sanctions against Iran or any other country for that matter) by the US government are taken by an entity which is different from the US citizens thus do not represent the wishes of US citizens and other private people.
  3. If the US cannot (or should not or would not) force its own “people” to sell at unfair prices then how can it force “people” of other countries to buy at unfair prices and with unfair terms especially to “people” who it considers less developed from itself.

US President Donald Trump last year withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers and revived a range of sanctions against the Persian Gulf nation. It, however, granted a six-month waiver from sanctions to eight countries with a condition that they would reduce their purchases of Iranian oil. US said, “The US working with other countries, including Saudi Arabia, to ensure an adequate supply of oil”. The US Monday said it cannot ensure the sale of its crude oil to India at concessional rates to make up for the cheaper Iranian oil going out of the market.